This is the solution you Catalina, Ericson and Beneteau owners have been looking for.

Select Plastics LLC working with the industry leaders in plastic and rubber extrusion technology is pleased to announce the introduction of the “new and improved” Lewmar old standard fixed portlight seal.

The availability of these seals coupled with Select’s lens and manufacturing capabilities have given us the tools we need to re-build even the most damaged Lewmar old standard fixed port.

The process is easy. Remove your old crazed and leaking portlights and send the entire frame to Select Plastics. Select’s master craftsman will disassemble and clean your unit’s inside flange and lens sealing area. A new Lewmar approved marine grade acrylic lens and seal will be installed. The entire unit will be re-assembled, checked and shipped back to you.

It is advisable to clean or remove all silicon or bedding compound from all portlights sent in for repair.  Select Plastics will add an additional charge to clean the sealing flange on your portlight.

This is not a typo… your unit repaired, sent back, as good as new. NO cutting your boat or making do with another manufacturer’s model that almost fits……

We have been working on this solution for over five years. This is what you have been asking for.

The product development team at Select Plastics has been listening.

Give Select Plastics a call at 203-866-3767 to discuss your unit.

old standard fixed 2

Hatch and Portlight “Leak Stop Kits”

Year after year I get the same question…
“My hatch is fine, it just drips occasionally. I don’t want to go to the trouble of sending it in for a complete service. What other options do I have?”


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