Staff Bios

Bill Pavlik   Owner/ Partner.

Bill is the backbone of the Select Plastics organization. Bill manages the manufacturing facility and oversees all design and production. Select Plastics was Bill’s brainchild. 15 years ago he started out in a 200 sq foot back room of a furniture store cutting acrylic for garage doors. Those windows are still in use today. The 200sq foot shop is history!

His motto is “if its almost right, its wrong!” This is the guy you want working on your parts. Anything custom or special, marine, industrial, commercial, Broadway or aerospace. Bill is the man, and he always has a plan….

Bill is a lifelong Norwalk, Ct. native with a degree in mechanical engineering. Bill is the best fisherman on Long Island Sound. He is the only fellow I have ever met that doesn’t lie about the size of the fish he catches. He doesn’t need too!


Anne Bloom   Office Manager

Anne keeps everyone moving in the same direction. Ask a question from Anne, and you will get an accurate answer. Anne is also a lifelong resident of Connecticut. Without Anne’s organization skills, excellent customer service and painstaking attention to detail everything within the Select Plastics organization would grind to a halt. Anne monitors the web for possible changes and works with offshore and domestic suppliers and vendors to insure a steady stream of materials and services.

If it exists anywhere in the world Anne will find it.

While not a boater, I feel there is still hope for Anne to embrace the lifestyle. I will keep you posted.


Ron Corriere     Shipping / Receiving &  Hatchmaster

If you received a well packaged, professionally labeled part from Select Plastics thank Ron. If you didn’t get your part on time or it was wrong, blame Tony.

Without Ron nothing would arrive or leave the sprawling Select Plastics manufacturing facility.

Ron and his team log in each and every part that arrives at our facility. Ron contacts each customer to discuss specific needs and desires. Ron schedules production of parts and insures that things move along according to schedule.

Ron is also responsible for making sure finished product get to you safely.

Next time you talk to Ron thank him for his excellent work!


Tony D’Andrea    Owner / Partner

The mouth behind the blog and forums. You want a long winded explanation of a very simple process or part ask for Tony. Stop by and see Tony at the boat shows. Tony is the guy that looks like a shorter version of Capt Ahab, complete with beard!

Member NMMA and ABYC, USCG Commercial Master, Mediocre Lobsterman, terrible fisherman, active and involved environmental advocate. Happy Scout leader. Proud husband and father.


This is the Select Plastics LLC management team.

As with any organization the people and suppliers behind the scene deserve most of the credit. These folks keep the machines running.

For that, I am forever in their debt.